Monday, August 30, 2010

The Sound of Music

Jesus put a song in my heart/ He turned my life around/He gave me a treasure-the heart of a servant
-Charity Churchmouse

Whoa!  Major blast from the past when I started singing that song this morning!  My mom always said, "just give her a stage and a mic and she will be set."  So now I have a stage (this blog) and a mic (my keyboard) and boy does it make me happy!  

When I was a baby, about 9 months old, I started walking and talking.  Close behind the talking came the singing and I mean LOTS of singing.  No radio? No problem.  I had a repertoire like you wouldn't believe (think old school Amy Grant).  My parents bought me my own little red record player and I sang my little heart out at home and every time I had the opportunity to get in front of a crowd.  Someday I was going to be a famous singer!

A few years ago I had the great joy of getting to sing on our church's worship team.  Funny thing, whenever we would have practice I knew that a couple of states away a childhood friend who was also into music was practicing for her church.  Somehow, knowing I was singing with my sister in Christ at the same time every week made that practice time so sweet for me.  

Now days once in a while I get the privilege of sitting near a beautiful woman of God in our church who is blessed with a gorgeous alto voice (and four children as well).  It is fun to see how God fulfills those childhood dreams in such beautifully effortless ways.  Especially when we are broken, the love of God just seems to pour out on those around us in a special way. 

So as I take those first steps in the unknown, I know I am not alone.  

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