Sunday, June 5, 2011

No Fool

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."
-Jim Elliot

There once was a man born of high circumstance
Heir to advantage, He had every chance to succeed
But light from the cross made his dreams appear small
And to their surprise he went far--from it all
For the love of his Savior, for one priceless jewel
They could not understand so they called him a fool

He is no fool
If he would choose
To give the thing he cannot keep
To buy what he can never lose
To see a treasure in one soul
That far outshines the brightest gold
He is no fool, He is no fool

There once was a boy who could run like the wind
Given to lead, every man was his friend at the line
But light from the cross made his race appear small
And to their amazement, he followed the call
For the love of his Savior, for one priceless jewel
They could not understand so they called him a fool

Show me the fool who abandons his life
To walk in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ

-Twila Paris

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unveiling the Bride

Brides wear them down the aisle, conservative Muslim women wear them in public, and each woman has worn one at one time or another over her heart.  Sometimes we put it on right before we walk out the door.  It's cover up, concealer, a pair of outrageously sized sunglasses, maybe completely invisible to the naked eye, but just as real as that translucent fabric that women wear on their wedding day.

The funny thing is that I started this post about two months ago and had completely forgotten about it.  Then last night I was reading a book called Unveiled and was prompted to write on my blog again.  Surprise, the introduction was already started for me and now I just need to pick up where I left off.  

So, I am reading this book about Islam last night. And, I am not really sure how to say this, but as I am reading the page after page of what Muslims believe I realize that much of it is what I have believed about God my entire life.  The references to to Koran read like something taken from my own mind.  I was raised as a Christian, yet my view of God as a child and young adult was more in line with what I was reading in the pages of this book.

This realization wasn't so much disturbing as it was demystifying. I've been afraid of God.  I've been afraid of losing my salvation.  I've followed all the rules.  I've been the good little Christian girl all my life and it never got me anywhere, really.  You may have heard the cliche that Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship.  It's not a crutch, but a cure.  Lord Almighty, it's true!  I was religious.  I was raised in the very heart of Christianity, but I never saw the reality that God wanted a real, and I really do mean real, relationship with me!   Now, I am just now getting pieces of this new reality, but I thought I would share a little with you:

1. I don't have to try.  "Come to me, all you who are weary and I will give you rest."  Literally, I don't have to do anything for God, I just have to be willing to move when He tells me.  I told Him the other day concerning all the stuff a parent of school aged children is 'supposed' to do, "I just can't DO all of this.  If you want me to do anything, just tap me on the shoulder, but I just don't have anything left."  Jesus did just what His Father told Him to do.  That's the example I want to follow.

2.  Jesus really does love me. I am the Bride of Christ, a part of it and all of it.  If it were only me on this planet, He still would have come to get me.  I am His.